Drill of the month


The "Drill of the Month" is a tool used to give players an idea of how they should be working on a daily basis. Every month some of Triple Threat's own demonstrate drills that will help take your game to the next level when used correctly. The key to drill work is simple, give 110% on each repetition. It is important to make sure that you master form before trying to increase speed. In order for you to see improvement through these drills, you must have both hard work and dedication. If a player is willing to work extremely hard but doesn't do it consistently, the player is wasting their time and effort. If a player works often but not hard, that player is wasting time as well. Go out there and give your best effort! Remember that nobody is perfect. Don't allow any drill to frustrate you, keep at it until you get it! Most importantly, have fun!

*The "Drill of the Month" is one of many drills that you should be doing daily. In order to become the player you want to, you cannot limit your training to one specific drill.*